About Me

Sure, some people pretend to know music business. But Jessica Otten has spent the last fifteen years experiencing it inside out, both as a recording artist and as a PR. As a musician in Dictated she got signed to Metal Blade and did several tours with, including to far-out rarely visited countries like Nepal and India. Their last album was entirely self-produced, self-released and self-distributed, an experience that made a lasting impression on her.

So while still musically active (she’s involved with the band Haliphron) she’s also been moving up the ladder, working at Season Of Mist European office in the Netherlands as promo agent, and later Head of PR, from 2016 to 2023. You could easily think then that she has her plate full wouldn’t you? Wrong. Instead of resting on her laurels, Jessica has decided to use everything she’s learnt to forge her own path and use this for the benefits of artists she firmly believes in. Hence her decision to start her very own PR company, Future Cult PR!

“I’ve been doing PR for such a long time that I’ve come to realize that not all artists are living on the same planet. If you still believe in the old ways, that few interviews in key written magazines and some exclusive airing here and there will do the trick, it’s up to you. But I will tell you that there is so much more to do, especially in this fast changing industry. Actually, more than ever, there are so many bridges to cross if you want to create a successful campaign! And I’m here to give a hand and guide you through that maze.”

She decided to call her company Future Cult PR not only because The Lion’s Daughter’s album of the same title was the very album she did the promotion for by herself, but also because, despite its frantic evolution of the whole business in those digital ages, she understands how it works these days. And she’s here to help you find “new ways” to promote artists through new channels.

“I’m ready to work hard if you’re ready to work hard too. I want to focus on those artists who are aware of what PR really means these days. You could be a super-star band, have only big names in your line-up and come up to me saying it’ll be an easy task to promote you, I would still say no. I’m only interested in custom-made PR jobs, tailor made to suit the needs of artist. It may sound stupid but I only want to work on music that I have feelings for, that can still ‘touch’ me. Maybe not the most PC thing to say I know but that’s how I roll…” she chuckles.

“I’ll only pick up artists that I firmly believe in and that I can connect with. See, my very first work in the music business was for a publishing company for traditional Dutch music. I’ve learnt a lot there for sure but I have to confess the music was awful!” she laughs again. “It made me realize that I’ll never be a fame or money-driven person and that I need to work on something I truly can connect with. One of the best compliments I ever received from a band I worked with was ‘you know, you’ve worked so hard for us, it feels like you’re a bandmember than an actual PR agent’. I want all the people I work with to feel that way.

You have an album ready? Some special tour coming up? Or are you in need of advice and guidance? Let’s talk. I’m open to everything, no limit whatsoever. And I’m eager to listen and show you all the great things we can do together.”

Welcome to the future!

Words by Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin